Summit Green Valley Chiangmai Country Club


The golf course of the Summit Green Valley Chiangmai Country Club was built in 1990. It was designed by Denis Griffiths & Associates Inc. The designer was well know in USA and had several outstanding works in USA, Europe as well as in Asian countries. The land was originally  paddy field. The company improved the area to Universal standard pursuant to the designer designed. The construction lasted 2 years.

The remarkable element of the  Summit Green Valley Chiangmai Country Club is the design that is harmonious to the beautiful Lanna Art. The roofing tiles are teak. It reflects an identify of  the north distinctly and synthesizes with the perfect facilities and the impressive service. The lay out of the course is flat table where every hole is encircled by lake and embraced mountains of Chiangmai. The course is 7.202 yards long and 72 pars. Each hole has it identical tee off for professional, amateur and lady golfer. Obstacles around the course are rough, bunker and water hazard. The rough of the green of the Summit Green Valley Chiangmai Country Club is rather thick and long. A golfer whose play is out of fairway if falling in rough shall meet lots of obstacles.

Each hole lots of bunker waiting for pro-hand to correct it. No mention about water as it shall be seen around every hole which is an obstacle the golfer fear of. The aspect around the green is rather difficult. Each green has a speed about 10.5 feet. More over on top of required to play to earn par. Many golfers find challenging. The Signature Hole of the course is hole 9 par 4 HS 8 (384 yards) distant. It is the most beautiful par 4 encircled by water hazard. From tee-off both side of fairway there are bunker and water hazard all along. The 2nd shot has to go across water hazard in front 30 yards before the green. The green is elevated clearly screen and encircled by big palm trees. It is very beautiful view from the clubhouse.


Hole 6 Par 3 HS 16, (165 yards) distant is a beautiful par 3 standing on best of tee-off we can see clubhouse clearly. The water hazard on the right hand side is wide and big reflecting beautiful shadow of clubhouse.

Hole 13 Par 1 HS 1,     (430 yards) distant is the most difficult hole of the course. All along left side of tee-off is water hazard on the right hand side is bunker. There is left Dog Leg. It is rather difficult to reach the green by double strikes. Thus a ship or put shall be careful in the third strike.

The golf course and other services open on everyday without holiday. Facilities and other services for golfers are varied i.e. driving range, pro-shop, luxurious lockers room for men and women, VIP room, restaurant where you view the most beautiful scenery, with Thai, Chinese, European and local dishes are available. This most luxurious and most beautiful spa in the north comprises swimming pool, tennis course, badminton course, meeting room, and perfect exercise room.

The golfer who experienced this course said the same that the    Summit Green Valley Chiangmai Country Club course is beautiful splendid lay out challenging with standard maintenance, good and lovely caddies.  Though golfers from foreign countries and other provinces tend to say that if they shall have an opportunity they will come back certainly.

Summit Green Valley Chiangmai Country Club

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